Love All Seasons

Love all seasons, they are Nature's daughters
That make us weep or put to sweet laughters.
Summer brings sweat, flies, mosquitoes, heat
Bananas, melons, apples, mangoes sweet.
Winter lashes with icy hunters deep,
Along with cozy coffee, dry fruit, long sleep.
In spring, springs spring with flowers fair
That for the time being ravish us from care.
And then, Miss Autumn comes like a sweeper
Who manages Nature's house like a keeper.
Long trains of clouds come in rainy season
They seem to be out on gardening mission.
Seasons are our teachers who come to teach
Our temporariness is the thought they preach.
Love all seasons; they are our gentle guests
Who come and go at Queen Nature's behests.
Love all seasons; they are our annual friends
Who bring with them marvelous, fantastic trends.
Love all seasons because they too love us
They alter World Order and bring change thus.
We are to live in the realm of seasons
Though we may nullify all sound reasons.
Seasons are our rulers for the time being
Its their intent what they ring or what sing.
Love seasons and they will make your life great
Because love is a greater force than hate.

by Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai

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great wisdom in a great poem thank you for sharing