Love Among Hurt

Poem By Velmar Pewee Hale Johnson

He cried, his tears flowing freely for a love he had lost.
She lay on her bed, and did weep, tears now staining her makeup covered cheeks.
Little boy setting in front of the TV, laughing at the cartoon show, oblivious that his parents had drifted apart.
She wipes away the tears, goes and cleans her face, like nothing ever happened to cause discourse in her heart.
He searched among embers of his burning heart, but she was not to be found.
Little child not knowing what has gone down between them, but then what could he really do? Mommy's little angel, and daddy's too.
She puts her smiling child to bed with his favorite stuffed toy, and whispers in his tiny ears, 'you are my pride and joy.'
He went down to the local bar, and joined in laughter that for him was not there, and tucked deep inside his heart, a love he would never again share.
The little child grew up to be a fine, dashing young man, neither like his mother, or father whom was never to be seen again.

Comments about Love Among Hurt

'He searched among embers of his burning heart, but she was not to be found.' Nice line. You've written about a subject that I, at least, see shockingly little poetry about! Maybe the pain that many children of divorce carry is too great for them to express. I can feel the situation you've narrated, giving us sequential glimpses of mother, father, child. I think 'fine and dashing man' may gloss over some things. You want to say that the person grew up relatively healthy, emotionally, I think. Maybe I'm just prejudiced about the word 'dashing'. I'd like to see some words that really tell me more about the individual as an adult, than 'fine and dashing' do.
Hello Mr. Johnson. I sometimes think, there would be fewer poets, if it weren't for departing moms and dads to leave us to crush stuffed toys in our memories! A good write! I like it! LSP

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