AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Love (An Unsolved Puzzle)

The pieces of my broken heart don’t seem fit
Like an unsolved puzzle we had to quit
They’re scattered across the floor
Pain seeping out of every pore
A thousand pieces all look the same
I wasn’t prepared to lose this game
There’s something missing, out of sync
And it driving me to the brink
We had plans that no longer exist
Love has taken a bitter twist
I’m having the same old dream
Where I wake up with a scream
I’m on a roller coaster of emotion
For which there is no magic potion
And like too many unknown cancers
Too many questions with no answers
All this confusion is making me sick
No remedies will do the trick
No emotions left to explore
What am I fighting for
All the heartache left at the door
Feelings falling through the cracks in the floor
I can’t take it anymore
So the puzzle of life is left undone
The pieces left to be picked up by anyone
Love, so hard to figure out
Love, so easy to live in doubt
Will we always have to search into the unknown?
Before we can solve it for our very own

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