Love And Bonding

Love and Bonding
Working behind transparent glass,
That guards,
And creates a division,
To set apart strangers.

Occupying your daily office chair,
You stealthily scan the figures,
Taking pride in your wisdom, Suddenly declare,
I bear the best affinity towards you.

You have followed my moves,
But call yourself no stalker,
Term your affection boundless,
And, me, the loveliest creature.

Expect me to go rave,
Turn a blind slave to passion,
Ruin my joy and career,
In the name of compassion.


He, tender and soothing as evening air,
With face lit up with warmth of the Sun,
Waits eagerly when I turn up home,
For a kiss to be implanted on his cheeks.

I hug him close to my bosom,
The soft tissue offering nothing but comfort,
His little fingers firmly hold my hair,
For he finds the joy of the whole world there.

He enters the dreamland of ecstasy,
There are no fairies or demons,
For he knows no fear or charm,
Till he enjoys sleep close to his mother.
Whenever I wear ornaments,
You grow wild and crazy,
Oh! My little one snatches a ring,
To stand parallel to the beauty of a Daisy.

You notice the skin 'neath a chain,
He counts the beads of my anklet,
Your face turns red and black,
Finding me gaudily dressed,
He radiates like a glowworm,
Adding charm to my looks and dress.


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