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Love And Death
(27 September 1862 – 4 September 1893 / )

Love And Death

Death? is it death you give? So be it! O Death,
   thou hast been long my friend, and now thy pale
cool cheek shall have my kiss, while the faint breath
expires on thy still lips, O lovely Death!

Come then, loose hands, fair Life, without a wail!
   We've had good hours together, and you were sweet
what time love whispered with the nightingale,
tho' ever your music by the lark's would fail.

Come then, loose hands! Our lover time is done.
Now is the marriage with the eternal sun.
   The hours are few that rest, are few and fleet.
Good-bye! The game is lost: the game is won.

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You know...sometimes i feel like Death is my only love also, it's much more quiet than people... They know im lonely Altho sometimes she ridicules me as people do, she has a more peaceful way of expressing herself... and she doesnt expect 2much from me... she's LLovely... on the other hand she can be demanding