Love And Death

Poem By Sam D xxooxxoo

For those who die
And for those who are alive
There are times
Where not everything is as it seems

Family members pass
Year after year
One by one
But they will never be forgotten

The stories they told
The memories they hold
Whenever you see something of theirs
You think of the sentimental value
How they treasured that possession
Or always had a little something in hand

You remember growing up
Not having a care in the world
Having everyone there with you
Growing and developing
Then one day
They are ripped from your hands

Your tears fall
One by one
With someone there
Who lends you their shoulder
And tries to make a smile for you
So then you will be happier
And not as heartbroken

For those who loose their true love
It’s the hardest thing they ever go through

The fights and arguments they had
Seem like specks on a windshield

They have slipped between your fingers
Gone off somewhere that you don’t know
Wishing you could be there with them
But reality sets in and you know you won’t

You want to die
Then and there
You don’t see much point in life
Now that your love has left
And you are getting older too
With a fragile body
That quivers with every breath
And every tear you shed

Maybe it’s from a sickness
They are fighters
And you don’t know how to help
Feeling so immensely helpless and lost

Don’t fret, they love you
And they know that they have to go
It may be for a year or two
But you will meet them again
I know it seems hard
Trust me I do

Hold on to the memories
Cry and let your emotions flow
Tell everyone how much they mean to you
And don’t let you love not know
That they are the reason you lived so long

Love is more then just chemistry and a feeling
And dying is something that everyone goes through

Don’t think that love is just attraction to an outer appearance
It’s more about the feeling where you can’t be without them
And looking to the future
And not being able to see yourself without them

Even though you hurt from a death
They wouldn’t want to see you so sad
They will never fade from your memory
They are always there like the wind
You can’t see the wind
But you can feel it without a doubt

Wipe your tears
Remember the days you spent together
They will never leave your heart
And the fire inside you will never burn out

Comments about Love And Death

This is a wonderful speech. There is simply no other way to describe it. It should be delived as such at every funeral. I'd call it, 'The Eternal Eulogy'. But Sam wrote it this way for her purpose, who am I to say otherwise. Either way, its a grand thing. GW62

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