Love And Doves

..The beach, so peaceful and serene,

caressed by the soft moonlight

romantically felt by the sea breeze,

gave magical feelings to the night.

The soft blue glow,

the lovers' words that then did flow,

their lips closer and closer until,

locked in the throesof a passionate embrace,

he decided to express his feelings,

to keep her safe.

she decided to open her heart,

letting his emotions in,

her tongue embracing his love.

their love pure as a dove.

He whispered softly,

his words like soft music to her ears,

'I Love You, 'and her response the same,

heard like the gentle breeze,

'And I, love you, forever.'

That was the night,

they promised to be together,

through everything,

to share their love,

locking lips, embracing hearts, holding hands...


by Jim Agunga

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