! Love And Friendship

Loneliness, anxiety, and despair,
isolation, sorrow, bitterness -
these the cruel concerns, observers note,
that press upon our current consciousness.

To name mind's enemies is good for mind:
for straightway, two arch-fiends themselves reveal:
separation, and false sense of loss.
These enemies now named, what salve may heal?

Think one - the other follows; thus, one fiend,
whose only weapon is that thought of loss.
But we own that which we can never lose;
yet know not - 'til we give it - ever ours:

give what you think you have not: that which mends
these cruel concerns in others: love of friends.

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (2)

The main theme in this poem I think is that you will be poor and very lonely without something or somebody to share your enthusiasm with! ! A person needs friend! ! A person was created and will allways be a soscial 'animal'. That's the way he will 'survive' the day! !
Greater love hath no man than -- yes he may be ready to lay down his life but friendship thrives on your last line Michael - --LOVE. so well put, thank you for reminding us of the need to show that above all.