Love And Future

I want to feel that

special feeling inside

of love and lust

and happiness thats mine

I dream if I run away from my young adult life

I'll meet that special someone

leaving my life that I've established

to start anew with another

I want him to be my lover

I want him to be my best friend

I want him to bring out the best in me

so I can show everybody who I can be

I know that I'm lonley

and I know that I'm scared

but I long the most

for that one special someone that cares

Everyone around me

is engaged or pregnant

starting a new family

living the future every child dreams of

I want to start my own family

I want to live my dreams

all I need to wait for

is the love of my life

I want to look beautiful

I want to feel that feeling of greatness

I want that day to be mine

to celebrate the beginning of a new life

I want to share my love

thats been inside me my whole life

with that special person

who will allow me to be his wife

by Mowie DeCorp

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