April 14,1865 At Ford’s Theater

Poem By John F. McCullagh

Out of my heart, one treach'rous winter's day,
I locked young Love and threw the key away.
Grief, wandering widely, found the key,
And hastened with it, straightway, back to me,
With Love beside him. He unlocked the door
And bade Love enter with him there and stay.
And so the twain abide for evermore.

Comments about April 14,1865 At Ford’s Theater

Love and grief. perhaps they cannot live apart. Perhaps they are live batteries who only function with positive and negative charges. Love sometimes become acquainted with grief; and love is always the one who rescues.
I've witnessed this so many times. Great poem!
Splendid and precise! Grief is a wicked intruder! ! !
love is like the wind
One word is not enough to describe the reaction. As the ocean so the poem!

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