Love And Hate

Poem By Sallie Howson

Enlightening, inspiring,
Filling me with
Heart wrenching desire.
By the first betrayal,
Choked to death
By the second.
Long dead,
Not even a sweet memory
Bitterness infiltrates it all.

Doubts, suspicions, dreads
Poisoning my heart.
Chewing at my liver
Gnawing at my brain.

Your every move.
Your every letter,
For the snake
To strike again.
Looking for signs.
Bracing the body.
I’ll be ready.
This time I’ll be ready.
Don’t be taken in,
Don’t be distracted
By kind gestures.
I’ll be ready,
I’ll be ready,
I hate you,
I hate you,
I hate you.

Comments about Love And Hate

two sides of a coin that lovers spin and toss, and when it falls it's a lover's gain..or loss.....take care out there, keep writing it better.
impressive poem again... very interesting idea and the way of expressions...10 ++++
And the worst type is when you hate them because you love them. Your work is an evolutionary statement that had to be made.

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