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Love And Hate And You And I
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Love And Hate And You And I

Poem By Eman Awad

Am i to be loved by you a day,
and lost for your heart the other?
Know that if you walked away,
i will never love another..
Even if i killed my own heart,
and stopped it from it's right to beat.
I swear i'll tare it apart,
if it longed to who is used to cheat.
How have i ever fell for you?
in no time you had all of me.
How didn't i know what's true?
that you never felt for me.
And i saw more than a sign,
but yet i stayed so in love.
Thinking that you are mine,
i flew all the skies above.
And they told me but i didn't believe,
it will end soon for it had no start.
But i heard nothing, trying to achieve,
the dream of my life to reach your heart.
What was ever on my mind?
if people lied to me, will so my eyes?
How was i so blind?
and hiding from all those lies.
I guess that no words are enough,
to describe the pain inside me.
I thought i am your only love,
and i'm your star and reverie.
Can't help but to stare at you,
and stare back at my weary life.
Can't help but to hate you,
and in this gale i won't survife.
Love and hate and you and i,
why did you have to lead me on?
I can't believe those tears i cry,
i can't believe i was never strong..

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Comments (9)

Nicely written poem....I liked it.
this is very well done... I loved the expression... you managed to convey your emotions extremely well...awesome job, I can definately relate.
it happens all the time for people to have these feelings, it s not something unusual...but u expressed them good, u said exactly what u felt, nice poem, full with regrets.but...this is life....this is love, isn t it?
i love this poem! ! ! ! ! i can relate..........
Very Deeeppppp....... very understandable...........