The Heartbeat Of The Mighty Sea


Who loves the sea more than me?
It is as beautiful as it can be,
April, May and June
soon comes the July flowers
that shoot high up into the midnight skies,
in full colorful with vibrant of life.

Aw, how sweet is the reality, that makes the heartbeat
in the rhythm of true love,
that comes from heaven above
What we have learn from the dead poets
that written their hearts out in history.
Oh, you dying soul of long ago.

You will never be forgotten.
You, have set the stag for all of us,
your pains and the sweat of the brows
for all to read what you bled out,
upon the mighty seas are the beauty of life,
where the decaying of souls of long ago.
are vital to all of us.

Yet, so many to this very day still make a fuss,
where the hate and the race of the Black and the White,
pouring more blood into the sea,
the words have been written in the flames
that burn on the hillside of destruction.
But what burns deep into the minds of all kinds
is the love that will never end,
Because of long ago is the heartbeat of the mighty sea.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017
Copyright © Judy Emery| Year Posted 2017

by Poetic Judy L Emery

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