Love And Honor


One night I went calling on my very special friend,
I told her that I would love her, until the very end,
that I would be honest in all I said and done,
that I wanted her to be my one and my only one,
she came into my arms, and hugged me oh so tight,
she made me the happiest man that I could be that night,
then we started courting, the way that lovers should,
I spent all my time with her, all that I could,
I would hug her and kiss her, then hold her in my arms,
then I would go home at night and dream about her charms,
the charms she had were many, the ones I had were few,
but how I love that gal, if she only knew,
that my love for her is honest, my love for her is pure,
my love is for her only, of that she can be sure,
when we are together I am happy as I can be,
when we are apart it seems like an eternity,
one day we will be together, until the end of time,
when that special day arrives, I am going to make her mine.

written by Harry Bryant
01/10/05 11: 10: 52 PM ©
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

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