Love And Hurt

You differentiate the difference of love and hurt
You said when you love you never bear the hurt even you are hurting inside
But when you are hurt you learn how to love deeply
Do you have to feel the hurt before you learn how to love?
Or do I have to feel the love and be hurt at the same time?

I was hurt so many times but I ignore the pain
I learn to love but the pain is growing
Do I have to kill the love that I felt?
Or let the love heal the pain?

Which is easier a love that hurts or you are hurt because you just learn how to love?
Love sometimes is unexplainable
But hurt can answer all the questions

I know what I wrote is a puzzle which is hard to understand
A true heart can relate
A heart that is broken can understand
A heart that is learning can inspire

I guess it’s a matter of a question if you really have found true love?
Or have you ever bear the pain because you just want to say that you’re in love?
Or say you are in love but not felt like it?
Or say that you found the right one even if you think he is the worst?
Or stay with a man to save you from being single forever?
Or be with someone because you are forced to do so?

So what is love to you?

by Darlyn Rose Villarosa

Comments (2)

a true love is a give and bites sometimes and can cause the pain.. it bites sometimes a sweet my poem ' I hate Love When I am In Love ' there... probably will explain.... Best Regards, Ency Bearis
true love is given freely, given with all your heart sometimes that love is wasted, then you drift apart that first love was the deepest, everything to give but you have to give your all again, its the only way to live! don't hold back on love, fearing that you'll part half a love is half a life that's no way to start to have loved and lost, is better that to never been loved at all you have known love, the beauty of it is worth the pain. regards Bob