Love And Jealousy

Do you feel my energy painting pictures vividly
I don't know why I let things get to me
I'm just being real this is how I feel
Emotionally dysfunctional
Hearts are remaining sealed
Cold winter when its chilled
I'm gonna explain how my week went
Energy drained and energy spent
So much renting on my mind
While trying to relax and unwind
So many things begins to bind me
When things begins to combine
Charging up emotions in my veins
Now on full display
Thoughts has gone disarray
Because of how crap has gone down today
Feeling a bit dismayed but this I have to say

I've met someone new we've been dating for a few
Months knew each other more than a year or two
Relationships are still fresh to me while trying
To be the man I ought to be without this jealousy
Rising deep but lately this is all I've seem to be
But it feels as if others are testing me
I try not to be so insecure but lines do tend to
Blur when it seems like some things begins to occur
I get it that I'm young never mistreated people once
But some people seem to want what they can't have
I guess it's easy for you to laugh but like today
Some dude was blatantly flirting with my lady
And it began to drive me crazy so I tried to
Draw a line while trying to keep people feeling's
In mind I just met him today but the woman I'm
With makes things so perplex she said I haven't
Fought for her honor yet I get it relationships
Are complex I thought trust is what you need
And some things you have to get read the cues
And better yet sever ties for those that
Threat put your foot down and cut the cords
Things out of your control just ignore

We argued all night long I just had to write a poem
Maybe it's me "who is wrong"? I didn't fight hard enough
I get that we fight for what we want
Soulmates comes only once
I guess I wrote this to myself
Pleading to Richie for some help
Searching for guidance within the stars
Just to find love within its art
Because love happened and it sparked
A treasure of a lifetime that's for sure
I guess the question becomes
"How far will I go for her"
"What type of person do I become"
" Maybe I failed today"?
That's why she was dismayed
I didn't have the right words to say
But saying nothing is never okay
If you are ever in the same boat
Don't repeat my past mistakes
Say what's on your mind
Before it becomes too late


by Laquory Jones

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