SSB (15 April 1967 / Gujranwala)

Love And Life

Life and Love

Life came to love, and said;
What novel-cool honeys' blend do you send,
To all those who before you bend,
And make them hanker after thee,
And search www* to find thee in friend?

Ah, sighs, loneliness and wholehearted gloom,
Overpowers their being even when they are in bloom,
Look for their soul to join the mate of the same perfume,
And make a cocktail of scent-rich unending flowery-tale,
To reach the wished-for soul with boom, boom, boom.

Love, astonished to hear, and said,
What novel-cool honeys' amalgam did I send!
To all those who before me bend,
And make them hanker after you,
To straightway find their friend.

I live to keep you alive, in all gloom,
Overpower souls and make them bloom,
Bring them closer than their soul-fume,
And make a creativity-zygote surround the whole psychedelic (mind-blowing) - tale,
To give ye continuity through an exclusive aspired-for 'kun-fa-ya-koon'**.
* World Wide Web.
** In the Holy Quran, God says, 'Get it done, and it is done'.(They continue their life through their offspring.) - you may write 'baby-boom'

by Shahid Saleem Butt

Comments (2)

If Allama Iqbal would have written a poem in English, it would have been a poem like this. Great thoughts by a great poet, I regret I missed to read this poem earlier.
An insightful piece on life's mighty spiritual experience that is love, well articulated and nicely penned in good rhyme scheme with conviction. A love poem indeed. Thanks for sharing.