Love And Life And Laughter

How glorious new beginnings are
Of love and life and laughter
You made your wish, you caught a star
It's happy ever after

The love that's yours is immense
It's only worthless things your losing
No more sitting on the fence
There's no better path for choosing

The light you have beside of you
It guides you from uncertainty
You'll no longer be asking who
You'll be sharing with eternity

When the darkness falls from up above
You'll be shining like a star so bright
Because you've found your own true love
You'll shine on through the night

by Gareth Simpson

Comments (34)

This is a well-written poetry. Love And Life And The Laughter are Everything.
very good well put together, I could imagine walking through that one.
Lovely and well written
The first set of lines are like EVERYTHING! ! Nice poem.
ok ruth thanks for checking it out.
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