Love And Loyalty

Her mind was occupied somewhere;
She was just a back stabber, betrayer!

Drama was played to take a free ride;

by Chan Mongol Click to read full poem

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poetic excellence- Love and loyalty come from the gut and is must; No accord but family, beneficiary need the trust! // love it
When love and sincerity are intense; Traitors find doors for own presence! Who can have a trusting, lasting family? Ties needed with parents, kids, generally! couple need time to build love and loyalty and faithfullness. a fine poem. tony
" Couple needs time to build love mutually" ! 👫😍 Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
One must take steps cautiously in the matter of love. Nice poem. Congrats.
A case of look before you leap. Very relevant to all
Sometimes, take the loss, change direction; Nice thought, congrats Accept what the luck and fate had done!
To make a family is not a part time matter. Excellent poem. Congratulations for member poem place.