Love And Other Torments.

I fall prone,
weighed down like led,
frozen in the snow,
and here, I've grown,
so fond of the emptiness I’ve said,
that I swear it's the hour I go mad,
with these words scrawled, lashing, and riveting in my head,
fears fall like shards of glass that band,
this river, for sinners,
swept with me to join this timeless land,
black of day, dark of night,
fell swiftly into serenity’s light,
reflecting on life,
oh God, how easy now to diminish,
my immortality, to have her with me,
so farewell to distant thunder,
those inept sky’s I've wondered under,
the minister of flames, bends his bow,
piercing my love with a blood red rose.
No light nor grief,
no unthinkable entry of romance keeps me
safely from the boundless seas,
now drowning, thus resounding,
a breathless feeling pounds my dream,
unthinkable to dredge through this
listless and lonely freeze,
a darkened sky,
this day hereafter dies,
falling swiftly into night,
though you are with me, I fade away
I journey now on jeweled sands
beneath a moon to Summerland’s
to grace your lips with contraband,
and waken the blaze in my soul once again.

by Dante Cynosure

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Wonderful poem. Imagery is good.