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Love And Pain
DJB (11-27-1961 / Oakland)

Love And Pain

As she lay by the silent river,
gazing at the stars above;
listening to the sounds of darkness,
and the cries of people who are
without love.

A burning desire of passion rises
over her, as she reach into the night,
but no love is there, clenching her
hand as she squeeze the air, wondering at
the passing stars in the loneliness of
endless time, stumbling through the
corridors of her soul.

Her mind in a whirlwind drifts toward the
light shining from the moon. Begins to
query and reflect on the enigma of truth.
Trembling, taunted memories, nightmares
beckon within her. The still of darkness has
come to claim her, effervescent, ever present.

Out of depths silence, she hear the
echoes of his voice, it draws near;
it comes to blame her. Like a shadow,
it follows through her journey of life.
Drawing closer, so close now, it comes
to shame her. No escaping its emptiness,
nowhere to run.

Redemption is gone; its luster how faded.
her soul is now damned; her heart ever jaded.
The darkness is upon her and breeds cold
emotion. Hope, faith, and love; uncontemplated.
She lay here knowing, always knowing.
She is truly alone.

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I found this poem moving
Dalton, with expressions like these from depths of honest reflection will never travel alone...yet, we feel they go unnoticed! Fine work. LSP