Love And Peace

it is the wake before your wake
and i am awake

and i am keeping you
alive in me
not to forget

wakeless emotions
grieve with me
as thoughts memorise
the sentences we shared

you made me see
how life tosses the dice
and you were on a loosing streak

but time changes things
and things change with time
until you could not face the pain any longer

so, i understand
why you wanted the pain to stop

you were love and all that is
real and truthful

yet the world senses
when you are down
and it keeps kicking you

i understand
i will not judge you
i know what you were feeling
i want you safe and happy

so this end was
tragic and violent
and to the point
like you

i feel responsible
but also realise
you had your agenda
planned for a day

someday, oneday

i am sad

the place you chose
is the place that we dreamed...
as fireworks
hang in the air of
independance day

Copyright ©2010

by Adryan Barnathan

Comments (1)

Hey Boode.... your sprit is strong and the light is at your back. Love was all I felt when I was in your presence... May peace be with you my beautiful friend.