Love And Peace For Always!

Poem By Denis Martindale

While there are stars that shine on high
At night when day is done,
Remember God who made that sky
And named stars one-by-one...
While there are worlds beyond this Earth,
With new worlds being born,
Remember God still knows your worth,
So please don't feel forlorn...

While there are rainbows now and then
That span from left-to-right,
Remember God gave sight to men
That we might know delight...
While there are eagles gliding past
And doves that bill and coo,
Remember God whose love is vast,
For He says, 'I love you! '

While you aren't perfect, know this truth,
Forgiveness can be yours,
Remember God provides the proof
With Heaven's open doors...
While He awaits your precious prayers
That honour Jesus' Name,
Remember God declares He cares,
Forever more the same...

While sweet romance is born of dance
And music by the score,
Remember God can still enhance
Each chance for sweet amour...
While you may feel life's let you down
And shattered all your schemes,
Remember God will melt each frown
As you succumb to dreams...

While there's a Heaven to be gained
With angels all around,
Remember God has yet ordained
Lost souls can still be found...
While pardon's there, so highly prized,
Through all nights and all days,
Remember God and Jesus Christ!
Always! Always! Always!

Denis Martindale, copyright, February 2012.

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