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Love And The Butterfly
LS (Agust 1 1994 / London)

Love And The Butterfly

Poem By lizzy Sydney

Love is like a butterfly
never here nor there
high or low
not really watching where to go.

A first love is like a butterfly
hatching out of a cocoon
we are amazed by the beauty
of this new feeling.

True love is like a butterfly
spreading its wings
and starting towards the sky
knowing that they want to have this forever.

Loosing love is like a butterfly
laying its eggs then flying away to die
leaving them in this big world all alone
knowing nothing familiar only home.

Wanting for love is like a butterfly
still as a caterpillar
wanting those wings
to be just like his friends.

Love is like a butterfly
Trying to spread its wing and fly
Love is like a butterfly
It can stay or it can die.

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Comments (4)

Correct the word loosing to losing
Awesome metaphor...Butterfly...10++++
I love how you compared a butterfly, so graceful and sweet, to love which can sometimes be quite the opposite. A magnificant poem! ! XOXO, Kolee
I like the comparison that you draw Lizzy...nicely done! Hugs, Dee