Mountains Crossing Into The Stars

Cheerful room, strangely, silence, ethereal, illusory, still, unmoving, standing motionless, staring, candle light.
Moonlight, transforming, dreams shattered, evaporated, sky fling, cooling shadows, melting snow.
Favourite path, rocky burn, headed toward sun, stood a huge cross, everlasting design, eternal life.
Rejoice, redeemer, born, cave, birth, star appears, God calling down, truth, time has come.
Perishing moments, depth of life, extreme of breath, splendor of God, debased, blood, image, inner dwelling, inspiration in sight.
Speed of eagle, endurance of lion, aged eyes; face long, unwrinkled, bloodless face, voice in direction, miraculously in spirit.
Splendor of God, plunge into lake, flow of spirit, shadows, mountains crossing into the stars.
Heat of blood, confusion clashing, voices of the multitude, realization of being, truth, waves celebration, inner sound of being.
Air of purity, trembling lips, eye to the heavens, atmosphere, pure stillness, gathering silence, low whispers, listening earth.
Mouth of river, darkness, sunbeam, death so long, life unchanging, truth, frippery of gold, eyes saluted.
Peace without fear, universal conditions, altar, open sky, white gowned figure, procession slow, smoke rising, above pale clouds, disappearing into devoted places.
Imagination healing, feeling, aroused, miss calculated.
Radiance, light opening, pretty day, memory of another time, stirred, wind dropped, air warm, tranquil, fixed, gazing.
Veil down, shutting out happiness, smiling, freedom to be, invite a prison of your freedom, prayer in silence, grace, anoint freedom.
God’s boundless love, holy silence, stepping out of darkness, burst of light, transformation, reflection, wisdom of the creator.
Sensuous, passionate, superficial posing, skill, isolate, insulate, our selves, absolute belief.
Spirit invaded, wind tossed, holiday sky, new born bunch of grapes, half mocking smile, memory lost innocence beauty, bitter sweet day, touching, transcendent beauty.
Heard a noise, breathless in the sky, voices singing, fires burning, cinders of the dark skies, heard some praying, lost their way, mouth of a cave, water dripped.
Universal dreams opening in golden colours, opening doors, another place, space, sun, moon, plains, mountain, sign, knowledge.
Perfect love, perfect faith, trembling lips, touch the divine, positive glow, sunken eyes, passing through a whirlwind, to enlightenment.

by Dennis Thomas

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