Love And True Love

Do you know what true love even means?

True love is what you can't explain
True love is what that makes you confused
True love makes you do things you don't know why you even do them
True love never ends
True love makes you do things you regret

You can't forget the love for the ones you LOVE
You can forget the person in TRUE love
You know why?
Because it makes you so confused you don't know how it even started

True love makes your head spin
It makes you think about things
It makes you question
It makes you think about lies
It can control you
It can make you cry
It can make you happy
It can always control your feelings like it's a animal

Nothing should stop it
No one should try to stop it
It comes with time
If it doesn't come, it means you already found it
You never know how
You only know why

It's love
Or it's True love

You choose what to think
You can control yourself
Don't let it control you
Don't let it make you do something you'll regret
Don't let it make you do something you'll hate
Make it know that you can control youself
Make it think that you aren't a victim
Because you're not..

Victims are the strong people
The one making victims are the weak people

Don't let true love make you hate yourself
Don't let it push you to the edge
There is no bottom
There is only room

To get the one you love
You fight
Nothing else

Just like i'll try to now..
So i'll write this poem for a warning..
Me fighting for someone might end bad ^^
I'll probably try everything i can

That's why i'll try..

Because i finally have something to fight for..
It'll be fun and sad..
''I hate to know that you are sad''
Those words are what i fight for..

Thanks! : 3 ^^
I finally have a goal! ^^
Because of you.

by Tilde Sauffaus

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A beautiful love poem well articulated and written with insight to capture the conviction of the poet. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.