AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Love And Understanding

To have love and understanding, is
truly a blessing, someone who
understands your idiosyncrasies,
instead of second, guessing! To be
able to say, whatever is on your mind,
without giving it, a second thought,
knowing they'll listen, without becoming
distraught! Everyone, should be able to
say what they want to and never be afraid,
what they want to reveal, it's healthier if
you get it out in the open and let them know,
how you feel! How else, can one maintain,
a healthy relationship? Secrets, are not in
style! If you stray from the truth, it will destroy
you, after awhile! Always be up front, about
your feelings, it's something you shouldn't,
have to hide! Once it's out in the open,
isn't it better, than keeping it bottled up,

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sure.the main thing in love is that you can tell whatever you want to a willing listner.wonderfull.posted 10 regards surya
True words and wisdom! Thanks, roshni.