Love And Us

Love and us

I don't hate
-but I hate
-seeing hate aggravate
-grow large, reach skies

She was mine
-I loved her
-as I do and I shall

She gave me everyone
-that I say:
- 'Is my child.'

Have never
Will never
Forget that
-she was mine
-mother to each child
-has respect
-for the sake of each child

Makes me sad
-to think that
-she lifted glass-jar
-filled with the sharing love
-then turned it upside down

Contents poured; now life is empty
-of love and relatives
-aunts, uncles, everything

She shattered the hearts and
-the lives of children
-of joy of family
-distant and close
-they never are able
-to taste the sweetness
-of living social life…

by Nassy Fesharaki

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