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Love Apart.
CKM ( / Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mex.)

Love Apart.

Poem By Christian K. Montiel

Love apart.
Graciela was a fast girl from the wrong side of town, Christopher was a handsome football player with all the right reasons to be the perfect love but when he broke up with her during her senior year, her world fall apart, so she ask him for one last favor to prove he’s love: to kill her.
So one Friday evening with not much to do, Christopher begin to let the demons that don’t let him sleep to corrupt his mind so he decide that tonight he will prove his love for her at least for the last time.
He went and grab the gun that he hide for so long for any special occasion you know teens drama so with alcohol in his brain, and blind numb for deception for not be able to quit his love for her, he knock into her window and call her out side with a kiss and he’s eyes close he pull the trigger that kill the woman that he never wasn’t able to love

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