PLL ( / South Africa)

.love At 4am

In the early hours
I whisper my secrets to you
my lips against your temples

I smile secretly
Knowing you cant see me
Feeling your soft lips, your breast

You lay with your eyes closed
to my desires
You don’t answer...
your only response your
breathing in the dark

I sneak looks at you
drunk with desire
wanting to tell you...
not to stop!
but no words could describe my desire

This is how you protect yourself
against my revelations of love
so that you don't have to give
what you cannot...

Opening my heart and soul
for your revelations of love
knowing without doubt, I want to give you
More than you could ever know…

and I continue whispering
my lips against your temples
against your heart

drunk with desire for your words
I listen, feeling your lips, your breast
your breath
wanting you
for ever

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Great imageries and wonderful poem. Simply superb
beautiful........well done read mine on the same lines when we make love
wanting you for ever... Dit is so romanties! Baldadig wil ek skree, 'Kookwater! ', maar die diepe sentiment laat my eerder fluister 'wonderlik'- om te dink 'n boerseun kan so in Engels dig, ek het nog altyd gedink dis net die Franse en die Grieke wat so in vervoering raak en dan sulke mooi dinge se - gelukkige meisie wat jou siel so ontroer het en gelukkige jy wat in staat is om soveel te voel en dit te se asof jy dit bedoel! Baie beindruk, baie groete, Margaret Alice.