Love At First Bite

You awake from your crypt,
Prise open your eyes.
Wipe away the nights sweat,
Well, what a surprise,
The blood has now dried,
Into powdery dust.
As the sound of prayer rings,
throughout broken trust.

The morning dew alights the sky
And birds begin to sing
You remember dark, and violent nights
But was it all a dream?
It wasn't what you thought it was,
That it was so sure
A creature of the night, perhaps
And falling to the floor

A crimson rose is fearful
As it trembles in its bud
It's beauty is too delicate
To be tarnished by soiled blood

The velvet strokes your skin so smooth,
As satin ties entwine.
neck alluring teasing, tempting
me. You're mine.

Push back the mane of lion's sleep,
With eyes upon my prey.
One strike fulfilled. The task complete.
Til' time ticks to decay


by Rebecca Wright

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