Love At First Sight

I didn't know you, but
When I saw you, I loved you.
I knew nothing of who you were, but
As I got to know you, I loved you.
In a matter of days you grabbed my attention,
And as we quickly drew close,
I would have- willingly-
Given my heart. Ah fool! For the giving,
Too quickly, too easily!
I didn't know you, but
I loved you.
You broke me, in a matter of days,
Though you had no idea
What it would do to me.
Though I didn't know you,
I loved you; though I should have hated you,
I loved you. But now, truly,
That love is gone, faded
Into the depths of a history
in the blink of an eye.
As fast as it appeared.

(dedicated to K.T., a two-day deal)

by James Grengs

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Love never fades. With rising and falling tune love grows much older. Love motivates mind. Love has depth in history. Love that has happened at first sight is excellently expressed in this nice poem...10