Love At First Sight

I didn't know you, but
When I saw you, I loved you.
I knew nothing of who you were, but
As I got to know you, I loved you.
In a matter of days you grabbed my attention,
And as we quickly drew close,
I would have- willingly-
Given my heart. Ah fool! For the giving,
Too quickly, too easily!
I didn't know you, but
I loved you.
You broke me, in a matter of days,
Though you had no idea
What it would do to me.
Though I didn't know you,
I loved you; though I should have hated you,
I loved you. But now, truly,
That love is gone, faded
Into the depths of a history
in the blink of an eye.
As fast as it appeared.

(dedicated to K.T., a two-day deal)

by James Grengs

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