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Love At First Sight

i remember when i first met you
its so wonderful and feeling nice to be with you
weve met in chat and thats how our friendship start

weve texted all day and all night
waiting for my phone to beep and received a wonderful word saying hi and on the second time we met
thats the thing i cant regret its very romantic and i feelhappy that i known you you treated me special and bring me to the place were nobody can knew

then thats the time that something happen
i feel scared nervous when the thing happen
but when we are in the middle of no where to go
I feel at eased now coz i know i love you so

but after all the thing have done and experiences that gone fast
you left me alone not a single word that i heard from you
i cant blame you or myself coz i enjoy that much
and i know that my decision is justified enough

but what kills me more that i cant imagine
how come i let it happen
for the person i never knew
just met in chat and conversation friendship started by simple text

then you never bother me to call again ask me if i feel okey
it really hurts me a lot in that simple way
i dont know if this is a mistake or just what we call part of life

but what i can say is this goodbye
hope it can be formal coz its very unsual

i prayed to god that you might read my simple poem
may god be always with you whenever you are

by janeth tumbaga

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