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Love... At First Sight
EHW ( / Denver, Colorado)

Love... At First Sight

Love passed between us... oh, so divine
At that instant our young hearts entwined.
Glancing away... you were there at my side
Entreating lovingly, 'My dear, wilt thou be mine? '

Bluebirds soared heav'nward,
Chapel bells rang,
Angels hovered near,
The Vesper Choir sang.

A harpist plucked strings,
The organ chimed... played.
As violins bowed the refrain,
'I'll Be Loving You Always.'

'You're too young to fall in love...
There's no love at first sight! '

Yet, I fell in love with you-
The Flame of Love burned bright.
My heart, my soul, I gave to you
That wonderful, magical night.

Many years of rapturous bliss
On golden wings have flown,
The love we shared remains untouched,
Our love still lingers on.

We've loved Forever and a Day-
Not one day too long!

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