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Love At First Sight.....I'Ll Never Belong In His World
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Love At First Sight.....I'Ll Never Belong In His World

Poem By wild fire

His eyes fell on my face
and I looked away
When I returned the glance
I found his hadn't moved

So we made eye contact
until just before we passed
and I think that's when I fell in love
with his beautiful eyes

In that small moment,
I couldn't stop the images
speeding through my mind
even if I had wanted to

I saw images of piggyback rides
and heard the echo of our laughter,
thinking it was a glorious sound
and playing as we wash cars

and us spending so much time
under that tree we love so much
I saw arguments over stupid things
and felt the relief of making up

I could feel the awareness of
being curled up against his chest
and the relief he'd provide
and the tears he'd wipe away

I could see the average days
just hanging out on his couch
watching movies and I could feel
his fingers laced with mine

It was like he was already mine
and we'd made memories together
I wanted to jump into his arms
and never ever let go

I could feel his kiss and my spine
shiver with anticipation and hope
I could feel his hands on my face
and his breath on my neck.

I could feel the excitement of us
being together where it's so dark
all I can see is his face.
I could feel the want, the need,

to be held by him,
touched by him,
and even
loved by him

But he comes from a world
of fun loving little whores
and thin girls with painted faces
and parties every night

He comes from a world
where there's always daddy's money
and drinking, smoking, drugs and sex
and I wouldn't belong

I, the girl with morals,
no drugs, alcohol or sex
daddy's got no money,
I read for fun and listen to music

I was a nonbeliever of love at first sight
and I sneered at those who had it
but I had it with someone I'll never have
I'll never belong in his world

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I have no clue how you expressed those feelings so well. NICE JOB.