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Love At First Sight
(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

Love At First Sight

I've never believed
in love at first sight.
I've never had it happen,
so it never occurred to me
to give it space in my mind.

But I did see someone once
across a crowded room.
He was handsome
in a rugged sort of way
yet acutely aristocratic
with those bedroom eyes
and just a hint of vulnerability
to make him real.

And clothes really do make a man.
It was easy to imagine
what I might find
beneath his dapper wrapper...

I still don't believe
in love at first sight,
but I do believe in lust.
It's a wonderfully private thing.
No one gets hurt
and who the hell's to know?

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dapper wrapper...gotta love that! S