Love At The River

She was just a small town girl,
In a small town world.
With a heart the size of a continent.

Every day she woke up,
And reminisced about the past.
Hoping that this fragile day,
Would be better than the last.
The day before was the same as any other,
Every day's the same,
When no-one really knows your name.

Every day, she sat in class.
Reading from her book.
But the author of this novel,
Had been clearly quite mistook.
In real life there are no,
'Happy Endings'
Every day is the same as the last,
No-one's a knight in armour,
Or a witch that's cast,
A spell on a young girl,
Who cannot fall in love.
Or else the clouds will open wide,
And she'd be beamed up from above.

So she sat alone on a rainy day,
Lost in a fairytale.
That could never possibly become true,
'Especially not to a girl like you.
You're weird, and quiet, and generally a bore.
Not pretty, or outstanding'
Or as she'd call it, a whore.
The makeup of these plastic girls,
Just cemented on their faces.
But they got all the gorgeous boys,
And stole the quiet one's places.

A river near home was a place she'd often be,
With her headphones in her pocket,
and her book rest on her knee.
She'd stay there til the sun set,
Or at least til it got dark.
And then she'd trundle on back home,
And to a dreamworld she'd embark.

One day coming back,
From the river near home.
She was lost in her daydream.
She was walking alone.

When she tripped on a branch,
And fell to the floor.
Her books fell to earth,
And her mind further more.

As she brushed herself off,
She heard a voice.
But this voice,
Was unlike any other she'd heard before.
It was rich, and vibrant.
It was a hymn falling on unholy ears.

'Excuse me, '
Said the voice, coming from above.
She glanced up quickly,
just to get a sight of,
The lips from which those words were spoken.
She saw their perfection, she saw them as a token
of love that's not real.
Just like in her book.
But she continued to gaze,
And continued to look.
At his face,
shining and glistening in the sun.
His eyes, bright bright blue,
Just swimming around his pupils,
Like the ocean.
His hair swaying in the summer breeze,
A sight to surely bring her to her knees.
His perfectly etched smile,
Broke her mind and soul free.

'Do you need some help? '
His lips spoke again.
'I was just coming back from the river,
And I saw you just happily walking along,
And then I glanced away for a second,
And then you were gone! '

She stood herself up, and giggled and blushed.
But alas, what could she say?
He was perfect,
In every way.
He was a cherry kiss on her soft gentle lips.
And a strong loving hand clenching her waist to her hips.

She replied.
And said nothing more.
She was lost in his eyes,
And his face, and much more.

'Yes? '
Said the boy, with a look on his face,
to maybe point out she'd confused his sweet grace.

'I apologize'
She laughed,
Bubbling with glee.
'Yes, I fell down,
Would you mind helping me? '

He looked her deep in her pale, warm face.
And picked up her book from near her lace.
She blushed and panicked, as maybe he,
Would see her 'stupid' book, and mock all her dreams.
Maybe he'd go off like every other boy did.
But maybe this was different,
And suddenly he bid,

'I love this; I read it when I was a boy.
It brought me great happiness and bundles of joy.
But see, I never met the girl at the end,
And often just thought real love was pretend.'

Her heart had been broken and wrenched and twisted.
But he had the tools and the manpower to fix it.
She yet again lost herself inside his eyes,
And all of a sudden to her total surprise,
He exclaimed,

'Dear stranger, your looks are like gold.
You have a voice and a laugh that'll never get old.
You have the character of a sweetheart, judging by your book.'
And she took over.

'And it panicked me when I went to look,
At the very last pages in the very last chapter.
Because I felt I might never feel much after.
Knowing my love might not ever come real,
But that was all before tonight's great ordeal.
You came from the river, a place I adore.
You're completely perfect, like an eagle that soared,
Higher than mountains and forests below.
And dropped off his lonliness like it were the snow.
All of a sudden you are the power in my heart,
So please, let me be captor of your heart? '
With pure disbelief,
At tonight's events.
He held her so close,
And basked in her sense.

'I always thought love would never exist.
So promise me it does,
And promise with a kiss.'

She was just a small town girl,
In a small town world.
With a heart the size of a continent.

by Aaron Byrne

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