Love At Wonder

Poem By Nero CaroZiv

Shall I tempt to wonder, by my inner truth, that you and I
Whatever we did when we loved, have we now this daring treasure
Weaned from it; obsolete, out of passionate greed by any measure
And all other flesh desire when we daily sucked on lusty pleasure

If ever any beauty I did quest or I did see in any shape or hue
Which I desired, and got, in plenty queues,
It was but an only dream of you
All other pseudo loves I adamantly deny and rue

And now it is a good morning to our waking souls,
Which we watch one another out of regret and fear
Counting and tallying our love tolls
Wondering how love us betrayed; how it flew us out of controls

Yet I do wonder in my soul that our love,
Exceeds and controls, all love of other sights
And makes one little room, an everywhere precious light.
Let cede discoveries to new worlds we have gone above,
Let map to ourselves the worlds no one have known or shown,
Let us possess our world; each has one and is one

Look love my face in your eyes, yours in mine appears,
And true plain hearts do in the faces calm soothing rest;
Where can we find two better hemispheres,
Without sharp North, without declining West?

Remember the days I used to observe you from far
As the moon woos the earth among the watching stars
Whatever dies, was not attended uniformly with care;
If our two loves be one; or you and I
Love so alike that none does relax or slacken, none can die.

Copy Rights 2010
All rights reserved

Comments about Love At Wonder

Two different worlds for 2 people in love. What counts most? That love be just one? Great poem! I just love the pureness of desire.

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