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Love Before War

In the shadows we dance
Lovely melodies flow
The soft notes lull you into a trance
Endlessly the music plays
The world around fading
Like a symphony of our time
The melody flows on
Reminds us of all the happy days
When love was free
It would cost us no pain
When we weren’t blinded
When we were able to see
For there was no darkness in sight
We only saw the light
We had dreams that we chased
Hopes that we believed in
We all wanted a taste
We were starting to win the battle of life
Breathing the air of freedom
Not threatened by the point of a knife
As the sower plants his seed
We learned to see
It takes more then a knife to make you bleed
Bleed your passion, bleed your soul
Bury yourself alive, dig yourself a hole
Soul bled dry
You can no longer cry
You don't yet want to die
Reach to find the sky
Fight through the dark of the night
Reach for the light
And start to fight
A war we wage
Dance our souls away
We stomp our anger on stage
Fists in the air
Fist of might and passion
Get in our way nobody will dare
But until that day
We dance the night away
Just me and you together
Let us spin in love forever

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