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Love, Begins With Me(Human Attributes)
OOM (02/20/1986 / Ibadan, Oyo State)

Love, Begins With Me(Human Attributes)

Poem By Oluwole Olawale Michael

Life is beautiful and glamorous
Only if you can hold the future
A dreamer could designed his own destiny
He could pictured the good things of life
We never thought how 'morrow would be
Only if your daily needs is let out!
It belongs to those who know it's resources
Who can control the growth of its stature
Every breath could be a good sandwiches
But every moment could howl like
When seeing modules of vampire
Evading, smuggled smothering smiles on me
It can preach for you and nurture your bed
While your fate kept in a jail
Guarded, anointed and crowned with your red ointment
It comes like erosion; exploding the land it tilled
When you lack the gravity of LOVE
It can destroy the white street
Even if kept in hollow-silo of your desire
LOVE begins with me, when I foster my Father's old story
He would've inhaled his medicated Tobacco
Which makes him look stinking fresh
He would matched to and fro
To bring the pseudonym of his commandant
He would smile hardly when pondered on his amputation
He would lecture the days of his travailing
LOVE, I say, begins with m, only if you only sniggle on him
He yelled anguishly and many alike
The poor man slept queitly in the heart of his world
It begins with me, audience could sonorously eavedrops its tune
It's onekind everyday beautiful song
Infant also could murmur its metaphor
Spectators could read its manuscript
Painted colourlessly on my daunted faces
Weepers genuflect for your summoning
LOVE begins with me, the attributes of human being.

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Very nice, great write.