Love~beyond The Infinity

Poem By Shagira Banu

I like him
Coz, He still loves me upto excess! !
But I don't like him
Coz, he doesn't put any effort to make it success! ! !

I know I'm his valuable human being! !
But I don't know whether
he is cofining his love for wellbeing! ! !

It's good for us to sacrifice our love for our parents! !
But It's too difficult for us to forget and do the repents! ! !

I can live without the love pulse! !
But, I dont want to show my love to someone else! ! !

The love between us is beyond the infinity! !
But, it always lys on the dignity! ! !

Wherever he goes!
Whatever he does!

Our relationship never ends! !
As long as the sea and waves subtends! ! !

~With Love Shagi💖

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.. Such a wonderful poetry... Same goes here.... Naila

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