Love Blooms Again

In Eden's garden of Glory's light
She there appeared so softly bright
And stirred my soul for a wondrous while
Then won my heart with an angel's smile
Our hearts touched, the sun did shine
A thousand stars sang she was mine
Lips so softly lightly kissed
The ecstasy of loves sweet bliss
She grinned and sang the devil's song
Then walked away not to return
Came the shadow the day was hushed
Crept cold dark night my soul was crushed
My heart was gripped with icy fear
Cold bitter death lingered near
Soft morning light revived my soul
My eyes were stunned what I behold
God's new creature waited there
Her name was Eve so bright and fair
A virgin smile from heaven above
Filled my soul with new born love
Sweet love is mine once again
The Devil loses
Jesus wins
Nature smiles
Love blooms again

by Bobby Marbles Mobley

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