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Love Bug

Love Bug

The Love Bug took one look at me
and turned the other way you see
He knows I'm too bitter a taste
And so his bite he will not waste
On to better meals to find
Someone better worth his time
....just kidding
I hope he bites again someday
Before I'm too old and grey
: O)

2 Feb 2008

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I agree with Andy on this one, you're never too old to enjoy love. Fabulous poem JoJo, I love it. Melvina
Hi JoAnn! Your love Bug will return again, when the moon is right but only then! ! Best wishes Friend Thad *10*! ! !
The Love Bug... Has you call it, does not care if your young or old, for the heart is forever and it never grows old.. Andy x
JoAnn, no need to say where the inspiration for this one came from, I think I know. It makes a great little poem though. However I don't think you'll be old and grey before love comes along again and that old love bug will bite you once again. Top marks and thanks for sharing this Lil sis. Dodgy