NM (November 19th 1993 / Tauranga, New Zeland)

Love, Bulldog Tough

3 little words
Just arn't enough
3 little words
No, much more tough

How can I tell you I love you
When I know the feeling is more
You stop me from feeling blue
You make me happier than ever before

Every tear I've shed
Is not because I am hurt
It's because I am scared;
Scared you'll leave me in the dirt

You are my knight in shining armour;
My brightest star on the darkest night;
I love you with all my might

You complete me
You worry me
I hope together we will forever be
I hope we will never be free

Your love is a prison;
A prison I will gladly remain
Your heart a shade of golden crimson
A shade it shall remain

This poem may make no sense;
My mind seem a clutter;
The poem a stanza too dense;
My mind; melting butter

All I am trying to say is,
I love you isn't enough
The feeling's grow everyday;
The feelings bulldog tough.

Written in 2008

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