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Love Can Sooth Storms

Love Can Sooth Storms

Confessions of Krishna - 2

When my mind is cloudy
I have nowhere to place my head
Except in your cooling lap
Till the clouds start raining profusely

The roar of a storm in all its weirdness
With whirling winds full of mist and dust
Furious thoughts of melancholy
Melted in the lava of loneliness

With your touch you can neutralize
All those twisty tornadoes with at most ease
With your lullabies you can sooth
All the eruptions and quakes

The stormy thunders and the blinding lightening
In my mind will diminish slowly
All my sorrows will stream away
To the wild valleys of the mind's twilight zone

In the soothing rain you can give
All the love that I crave for
Then the valleys of Vrindavan will bloom
With flowers of magical colors

The birds will sing in melodious tone
About the serene love that you gave me
So sublime to embalm all my wounds
On my lonely heart and soul

Will you stay with me till I sleep?
Will you sing those lullabies till I sleep?
To calm me to a blissful nap
That I may not wake up to miss you again

(This is an imaginary poem written as narrated by God Krishna to his childhood love Radha, to show how sublime and deep his love was.)

Vrindavan - The beautiful garden where Krishna and Radha spent their time.

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A free flight of creativity on winged imagination. A poignant bit of verse, lovely and very passionate. Thanks for sharing, Premkumar.
Kind, gentle and wonderful words shared. A amazing poem shared. Love give us reason and purpose.
A poem of love and compassion...A delight to read..thanks for sharing...10====
Radha- Krishna love story is one of the most celebrated and idealized love affairs of all time! They adored each other and Krishna held Radha as the most favourite of all his 'gopikas'! In the garden of Vrindavan, they sang and danced as love birds! This poem is a beautiful illustration of Krishna's seamless love for Radha! Beautiful!
Dear sir, I read your poems. They have a humane and forlorn depth. It is the common missing that every human heart is aching to get filled up. The Baghavad Gita is unfathomable and unique in its candor. May be the divine spirit and will is aghast in the modern times. Lord Krishna is a multidimensional and much of his preachings are pragmatic and valid even to this day. In spite human weakness is unable to stand up to that colossal grandeur of philosophy. Life is like a balloon. it is fanciful but very much unsure. Thanking you P.Bose 18/10/10 India
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