Love Child

To have known one, is to have known all about a very special kind of love... To have touched one is to have touched the Lord...Love children are given, for a short time, and to very few. And their parents have to be special, in his eyes too... Love children are a touch of Heaven, sent to these few, and are special from the moment of their birth, and those who look into these loving eyes, have looked into the eyes of our Lord... These children, from the beginning of their brief stay upon this earth, have but one true Home and that Home was always Heaven, with our Heavenly Father. So suddenly do the angels come, to gently take them away to where they belong... Since a love child will not stay, ever for very long. And the Lord will richly bless those who showed them love, and care. And he does this with His own special love, that cannot be found just anywhere... The Lord gives them breath, and causes this special heart to beat, and probably tells them with a smile, "You'll just be visiting, and I promise you will be back Home in a little while" ... The love they bring tells us of another, and better love, and also of a much better place, He places a "good bye for a while" smile upon that sweet loving face...Jesus loves those who care for His people, and you will know who they are ... They are "the little people" and they are "the special people".

by James Davis Sorrels, Sr.

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