Love Comes, Sometimes Love Goes

She was troubled, she was blue,
cause her heart was broke into,
waiting for the day to end,
she keeps looking for her friend,
that day she remembers well,
it turned her life to a living hell,
and she would change it if she could,
but she knows he's gone for good,
with a lost look in her eyes,
she just hangs her head and cries,
if she could bring back the past,
and the love that didn't last,
if she could make things right again,
but in her heart she knows,
love comes and sometimes love goes,
just like sunshine and the rain,
there will come a day, not very far away,
that love will bloom and finally stay,
into her life will walk a man,
that will make her love again,
then the dark clouds up above,
will be gone with this new love,
I want you to know, that I love you so,
that happiness is all I want for you,
please don't run for cover,
cause I want you for my lover,
it comes straight from my heart,
please let a new love start
darlin put your hand in mine,
and live in pure sunshine,
no troubles anymore,
will come knockin at your door,
when you give your heart to me.

written by Harry Bryant
December 18,2001,1: 45: 40 AM �

by Harry Bryant

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