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Love Compass
DD (07-25 / Monrovia Liberia)

Love Compass

Poem By Dekontee Dukuly

Will you be my Northern
Cabin in the winter?
Warm and inviting in the white out?
Reviving my frozen being
Back to life?
Allowing me to enjoy the
Northern winds again?

Will you be my Southern
Bright and full of Laughter?
Refreshing me when I am
And watering my thirsty soul?
Will you be my shaded oasis?
When there are no cool winds
to soothe me

Will you be my Eastern
Overwhelming me with the
Emotions of new life and beauty?
Tantalizing my senses with
Your Royal colors
And Aromas to bring me Rebirth?

Will you be my Western
With beauty that can be
Compared to the northern lights,
Presence so Immense that I
can be lost for eternity in them

I know you will be
My sun, my love,
My spring, my joy.
My northern lights,
My summer romance
And for this I am forever
lost in you
My compass

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