I Miss You So Very Much

As I've gotten better bit by bit
through this day I've felt your endless love
and I know it's helped me so much.
Not just on this day but many more
and I'm so sincerely and truly
thankful to and for you in everyway.
It makes me miss you even more
wishing I were here in your arms
to tell you all I feel and thank you dear.
I miss you so very much and miss you
my sweet Angel dove I deeply love.

I miss you so very much
and am thankful for being showered in your love.
Do you feel mine and does it
also help you to make it through?
If not than I am failing my Angel true
and that would break my heart and crush my soul.
I miss you so very much
but love you thousands of times more.
I pray my loving strength and warmth
has helped you just as much.

I miss you so very much and life
has lost so much meaning without your gleaming touch,
without your brilliant smile and loving looks.
Have I touched your heart my true love?
I miss you madly and love you even more,
I hope you know how much you mean to me.
I'm truly thankful for all you do and who you are,
I love you sweet darling Kira just for you.
You are my Queen and nothing else or one
will ever do because I want you to be you
as you want because that's the woman I truly love.

I truly miss you so very much
and thank you for all your loving strength,
I've been feeling my health improve bit by bit
and I know it's because in spirit you've been here.
You are my one and only love so true
and I want to spend all eternity with only you.
You are an Angel, you are my light,
I love you Kira dear you truly are all I want.

by Michael P. McParland

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