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Love Delirium
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Love Delirium

Joyously we kiss beneath the felicitous blue sky,
And then inside we follow the sensual aroma from scented candles
Drifting from an amorous room; the delicious taste of summer peaches
And slow musical dances create perfect situations for erotic embraces;
I’m alienated today from my formerly dark meditations,
My head is dreamily swimming like an Olympic athlete
Into pools of happiness and warm feminine flesh,
I confess an amazing lust extending from Helen of Troy
To every girl I ever saw as a small school boy,
And the moonlight is a sly conspirator
Falling softly into the eyes I kiss and miss when they depart
With my fragile heart still serenading them
With inarticulate palpitations of desire and love sensations;
When you’re with me next, I’ll unlatch the sexy ankle straps
To your adorable shoes freeing your gorgeous feet
And a magical breathtaking affair will commence.

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Comments (4)

there's not a woman on earth who is going to be thinking about any adjective-noun structure when she's reading this, Jeff.
I especially like the middle part of this poem, Helen of Troy, the schoolgirls, the moon...
Wow, such a beautifully 'moving' piece Uriah. Your latest works are truly wonderful. Great job, whatever's (or whoever's) been inspiring such lovely poems, keep it up. Sincerely, Mary
This is nice, Uriah. I have to agree with Mahnaz...you have written a sensual 'piece'. LSP